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How To Tell If A Windshield Crack Can Be Repaired

If you were driving and sustained damage to your windshield, you will likely need repairs. No matter how minor the damage looks, it is advisable to drive to the auto shop for quick repairs.

Over time, small cracks can become extensive and irreparable. Although most minor chips can be repaired, you may find that replacement is necessary if the damage was severe. You will need to consult a reliable auto glass repair professional to assess your windshield and determine if repair is possible. Read on to know more!

How Large Is the Crack?

Advancements in glass repair technology have made it possible to fix longer cracks than before. Previously, you would need to replace a windshield with a crack larger than a dollar bill.  Auto shops will generally repair a crack that is up to three inches long and chips smaller than a quarter or your thumb.

Some shops will have the capabilities to replace a crack of up to 14 inches after assessing the damage level. The National Windshield Repair Association (NWRA) provides the (ROLAGS) guide on repair dimensions depending on the type of damage. 

Type of Damage

Windshield damage is not equal, and it is easier to repair cracks caused by rocks than those arising from collisions. Your car's windshield is the first line of defense against accidents, which is why a glass technician may opt to replace a windshield with minor cracks. 

Different types of cracks are also easier to repair than others. For example, crack chips are typically less than a quarter in diameter, and they, therefore, qualify for windshield repair. On the other hand, edge cracks can extend for more than 12 inches in length.

An auto glass repair technician will use their understanding of cracks and skill with repair tools to determine if they can repair your windshield damage.

Location of the Crack

Windshield repair is also greatly affected by the location of the crack or chip. If the fissure is within your line of sight, repair may not be the best option. Windshield repair can result in some level of distortion, and replacement is advisable to maintain a clear view of the road. 

The location of the crack is important because it can interfere with the windshield's structural integrity. The glass technician will also check if the crack is in the view of windshield sensors. 

For more information about windshield crack repair, contact a local auto glass professional.