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Common Mistakes People Make That Can Lead To Needing A Windshield Replacement

The most common reason why windshield replacement is needed is that flying debris, such as a rock, hits a windshield and leaves behind a chip or crack. While you cannot prevent this type of damage from occurring, there are other reasons why a windshield may become damaged and need to be replaced that you can prevent. Here are a few of the common mistakes that people make that can lead to needing a windshield replacement

Failing to Replace Windshield Wipers in a Timely Fashion

One of the mistakes that people make that can lead to windshield damage is failing to replace their windshield wipers in a timely fashion. If your windshield wipers are smudging rain or water on your windshield, they should be replaced. Not only will this helps to keep your windshield clear of water, but it also helps prevent damage to the windshield. As wipers age, they can deteriorate. The rubber can wear off, and you may have metal or plastic rubbing directly on your windshield, which can leave behind permanent scratches. If this happens, windshield replacement will be needed. 

Improperly Removing Ice From Your Windshield

Another mistake people make that can be damaging to a windshield is failing to properly remove ice from the windshield. People often use metal scrapers, which can scratch the windshield. They may also pour hot water over their windshield to melt the ice quickly. Pouring hot water over an icy cold windshield can cause the glass to contract quickly, which can cause it to crack or even completely shatter. If you damage your windshield when removing ice, you will need windshield replacement. 

Parking Under a Tree With Low-Hanging Branches  

The final mistake that people make that can lead to windshield damage is parking under a tree with low-hanging branches. If the branches hang low, they may sway across your car and the windshield if it is breezy. This can scratch the paint on your car, and may also scratch your windshield. If the tree has nuts, acorns, or other falling debris, these items may also leave small pits in the glass of your windshield. Avoid parking under trees, particularly those with low-hanging branches or those that drop debris, to prevent windshield damage. 

While you cannot prevent all windshield damage, there are steps you can take to minimize the damage that may be done to your windshield. If your windshield is already damaged, windshield repair or windshield replacement may be needed, depending on the location and the extent of the damage. Reach out to a windshield replacement company today to learn more about replacing your windshield and how to get started.